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Pristupio/la: 27.Prosinac.2017
Lokacija: United States
Poruke: 154
Poslano: 02.Srpanj.2018 u 09:05 | IP zapisan Citiram xiaolan

Iker Casillas lifted the World Cup coated in olive oil. He did
from where Thiago Alcântara was sitting anyway. Spain
against the Netherlands in Johannesburg in July 2010 is the
biggest TV event in the country’s history and among the
15,605,000 people watching when the ball sat up in front of
Andrés Iniesta 8,000km away were the country’s under-19s,
together in
the dining room at the
Federation’s Las Rozas HQ north-west of Madrid, where they
were preparing for the
31.html"> -
European Championship. Thiago
remembers it well; he tells it well too. He stops, takes a deep,
theatrical breath. Huuuh. “The pause,” he says. “That was the

“Both teams were tired. Holland had their chances: we still had
the fear from the Arjen Robben chance Iker had saved. There
were nerves. You’re thinking: ‘Bloody hell, this is going to
penalties.’ Suddenly, the ball’s there, and Andrés, and the
goalkeeper is there, and everyone freezes. And then it turns
out the way it turns out …
Total ecstasy,” Thiago calls it. “Plates fly into the air, food goes
up, the olive oil flies, the knives and forks too. It was some
party. Shirts off, jumping up and down on the tables. And
when the final whistle went, everyone threw themselves into
the pool. After the goal, we could barely see the rest of the
game because the telly was covered in water and olive oil.”
He grins: “They passed us the bill for the damage.”
That was the second time Thiago had celebrated a World Cup
success. In 1994 his dad, Mazinho, won the tournament with
Brazil, a mini World Cup sitting atop the television ever since.
Thiago was only three but recalls the celebrations. “I don’t
remember the games but I remember my dad arriving in Brazil
because all the family was waiting for him. It was huge.
Football’s a religion there. He’s loved, idolised. At that age you
have no idea
y">Jordan Clarkson Authentic Jersey why people are
reacting like that. I remember them being very excited, and I
was just happy my dad was home.
“I always loved football so much and I knew from a very young
age I was going to be a footballer; I used to watch the way
they 31-curtis-joseph-
jersey.html"> ti
did everything really
closely. I lived with it.”
Thiago’s father joined
Jersey">Alex Cappa Womens Jersey Celta, bringing the
family to Spain, and so, in 2010, he was celebrating again.
“When we watched the 2010 final I wouldn’t say we felt part
of the team as such but nor were we just fans. The sensation
was that our colleagues had done something that, bloody hell,
we want to do that as well. It generates a joy in you and also
a desire, a hope that one day it could happen to you.”
Eight years on, it really could. Thiago arrived in Russia ready,
loaded up with box sets. The midfielder arrived with high
hopes and two of his fellow food-throwers from 2010: Rodrigo
and Koke.
Koke has been before, in 2014, but this is Thiago’s first World
Cup; against Morocco he made his first start
eller-jersey.html">Lars Eller Womens Jersey at a major
tournament. At 27, the outstanding player of his generation,
runner-up at that 2010 Euros, an under-17 champion in 2008
and at under-21 level in 2011 and 2013, when he was the
player of the tournament, it feels a little late. Yet he has no
sense of lost time.
“I feel a much more important player now than before but
that’s also because there’s been a generational change.
There’s a group of players from the under-21s who are now a
big part.”
What has not changed is his football, or Spain’s. That, at least,
is the theory. But the start to this World Cup has, for the first
time in a decade, brought a debate. Thiago played with Julen
Lopetegui in the under-21s and he prefers to pass over all
that happened, but the manager’s sacking and Spain’s
unconvincing progress through Group B have created an
uncertainty about their identity. The new manager, Fernando
Hierro, asked whether they needed “more muscle”, then
insisted that muscle was not really their thing but the fact the
question was even posed was striking. Some are advocating a




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